At St. Nicholas, we understand how important it is to preserve & protect our environment and are trying hard to improve our hotel in this area.

  • All sewage waste is treated in a biological cesspool and not disposed of at sea.
  • Recycled water is used for garden irrigation
  • Automatic sprinkler system is also used for garden irrigation
  • Solar energy panels are used for the production of hot water
  • Automatic time switches for external lighting
  • Central control of air conditioning depending upon external temperatures
  • Regular analysis of pool and drinking water
  • All cleaning products are ecologically tested and biodegradable (Chlorine is used minimally throughout the hotel)
  • Energy saving devices are installed in every room for lights and air conditioning
  • Towels are changed upon guests request
  • We are trying to minimize the use of Plastic and Aluminum packaging
  • The preferred use of returnable glass bottles for beer & soft drinks
  • Fresh produce is purchase in returnable crates & sacks
  • Reduction of individual portion products (butter, marmalades, honey)
  • Liquid soap dispensers in public toilet areas